Book Two: Unusual Enemies

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About H.C. Mills

H.C. Mills is a Dutch author, who dabbles in acting and singing in musicals, and even (play)writing them. He also teaches physics and chemistry, and once represented his country in the 2008 International Biology Olympiad, but please don’t hold that against him.

As a physics-nerd, H.C. Mills naturally gravitates to hard magic systems, but he also enjoys writing comedy and romance.

Like most authors worth their salt, he is a true sadist who takes pleasure in the mental anguish of his imaginary friends/brainchildren—or better yet, in making them cause their own suffering. He refuses to give them anything for free, but will usually leave a window cracked open for them somewhere, to escape whatever peril he plunges them in.

Coming up

An audiobook version of Unnatural Laws! Which is coming along swimmingly, should be done any day now.

And don’t worry, Book Three is coming as well. In fact, Book Four is nearly done! Books Three just needs a cover and a butt-load of editing, and it’ll be ready to publish.

I’m also working on a stand-alone shorter story, tentatively titled ‘Copycat,’ about Nix, the character I play every Sunday on the Pathfinder stream ‘Rules as Fun.’ If you’re interested in watching, you can find out more about the stream on the For Fans page. Please check it out! ^^

So much to do… guess I better get back to work. ^^

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